Do I Really Need An Estate Plan?

Shape Your Family’s Legacy With Innovative Estate Planning

While we have little control over what may happen to us over the course of our lives, we can use estate planning tools to shape our legacies and fortify our financial stability. Carl Goode is an experienced attorney and founder of the Goode Tax and Estate Planning Law Group, LLC, in Baton Rouge. As a board-certified estate planning and administration specialist, he provides the answers you need to understand why it is vital to have an estate plan sooner than later in life. He will help you establish an estate plan tailored to meet your needs and secure your family’s future.

An Estate Plan Benefits People From All Walks Of Life

Many people mistakenly believe that an estate plan can only benefit the wealthy or those who are in the twilight years of their lives. The fact is, an estate plan can be useful for those with limited assets or for younger people, particularly young couples or parents.

A comprehensive estate plan involves more than simply distributing your assets after you have passed on. It can also outline your medical wishes should you ever become incapacitated, allow you to name a trusted guardian if you are unable to care for your children or enable you to protect your assets while also qualifying for long-term care assistance. Generally, most estate plans include legal instruments such as:

  • Last will and testaments
  • Trusts
  • Powers of attorney
  • Living wills

Attorney Goode will discuss your circumstances and wishes to determine which of these estate planning tools are best suited to help you achieve your goals.

Tax Considerations And Successions Guidance

In addition to being an estate planning specialist, attorney Goode is a board-certified tax law specialist with a Master of Law degree in taxation. He provides critical tax planning guidance when drafting estate plans. He also assists individuals and families with the complex process of probate and successions after the death of a loved one.

Contact A Board-Certified Estate Planning And Administration Lawyer

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