Board-Certified Tax Law And Estate Planning & Administration Specialist

Attorney Carl Goode is one of a select few lawyers certified by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specializations as a tax law specialist and an estate planning and administration specialist. He helps individuals and families with estate planning, probate and successions, tax law concerns, elder law questions, and long-term planning.

Estate Plans Custom-Made To Protect Your Legacy

Attorney Carl Goode helps clients understand the importance of establishing an estate plan to protect their legacy. Some mistakenly assume they do not need an estate plan because they do not have multiple real estate holdings or many assets. However, an estate plan comprises legal documents to ensure your assets are secured for your use while you are alive and then distributed according to your wishes when you pass away.

Large or small, or complex or simple, when you create your estate plan, you are relieving your family of unnecessary conflict and misunderstanding about your wishes. For some, this is the ultimate peace of mind. Attorney Goode is a certified estate planning and estate administration specialist as recognized by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization. He draws from his in-depth experience to tailor custom-made estate plans that stand the test of time and court scrutiny.

Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Do you really need an estate plan?

Probate And Successions

Get the help you need after the death of a loved one.

Tax Law Concerns

Work with a board-certified tax law specialist.

Elder Law

What is elder law?

Long-Term Care Planning

Are you ready for the future?

Do You Have Personal Or Business-Related Tax Law Concerns?

When you have a tax problem, it is important to get experienced help as soon as possible. Too often, people ignore the problem or try to solve it on their own, which can jeopardize their hard-earned personal or business assets. Federal and state tax laws are complex. Mr. Goode helps individuals and businesses protect their important assets. He is highly skilled at establishing tax structures and schedules that comply with state and federal laws. He provides representation in front of administrative agencies as well as in court whenever a tax controversy may arise.

Do not wait until you are facing a tax crisis. Resolving your tax dilemma may seem overwhelming to you, but Mr. Goode is a board-certified tax law specialist. He has the knowledge and skills to help you successfully contend with – and ultimately resolve –your tax challenges.

Premier Legal Advocacy For Clients Throughout Louisiana

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Mr. Goode understands how sensitive and personal legal matters can be, which is why he takes the time to listen to your concerns, identify your goals, and help you find the best way to achieve them. He works hard to provide efficient solutions to a wide range of legal matters. To find out how the Goode Tax and Estate Planning Law Group, LLC, can help you, schedule a consultation by calling 225-230-9027​ or by completing the convenient online contact form.

Why Hire A Board-Certified Attorney?

The Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization grants board-certification to a select few attorneys who are deeply experienced in their field of law and demonstrate a consistent commitment to the highest quality of legal representation.

Attorney Carl Goode provides an attentive ear to all of his clients and works hard to help them achieve their goals.

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