What should you look for in a care facility?

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Carl S. Goode |

Selecting a care facility is one of the most important parts of estate planning for many people. After all, a number will need the support of a facility in their later years.

But how can you pick out the best possible care facility? What sort of things should you look for, and what red flags should you avoid?

Scouting out facilities

The National Institute on Aging discusses things to look for when scouting out care facilities. First, always make sure to do an in-person tour of the facility. Pictures and second-hand information simply do not do the experience justice.

Related, try to get an interview with the director of nurses and the director of the facility itself. This is a great way to gauge how well you might click with the facility itself.

While at the facility, try to interview other residents, too. Ask them and their family members how they like the place.

Go with what meets your needs

Second, always make sure to pick a facility that serves your unique needs. No matter how good the reviews of one place may look, if they do not cater to your needs, they will not make for a good fit.

For example, plenty of facilities specialize in caring for people with memory loss and other mental health issues. Other facilities provide additional support to people with physical handicaps.

If you have any of these issues, you want a facility that can help you out by providing for your needs and giving you the best possible experience at the same time.

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