HIRING THE RIGHT ATTORNEY IS A tough choice. Why not select one certified by the Louisiana State Bar Association?

Attorney Carl S. Goode

HIRING THE RIGHT ATTORNEY IS A tough choice. Why not select one certified by the Louisiana State Bar Association?

Skilled Guidance From A Board-Certified Specialist In Estate Administration

The emotions that arise after a death in the family can be unpredictable and tumultuous. You’ve just experienced a tremendous loss, and now you are confronted with untangling the many legal details of sorting out their estate.

It’s not something you should have to tackle alone. Attorney Carl S. Goode can guide you through all the steps in the process.

Carl is an experienced attorney and a board-certified estate planning and administration specialist. As the founder of Goode Tax and Estate Planning Law Group, LLC, in Baton Rouge, he helps families throughout Louisiana with all aspects of the estate administration process. He represents fiduciaries such as executors (also called “succession representatives”) and trustees.

Understanding Estate Administration And Succession After The Death Of A Loved One

In Louisiana, the process of distributing your loved one’s estate after their death is referred to as a “succession.” The complex process is to ensure the proper distribution of an estate to a person’s heirs or beneficiaries. Depending on the size of the estate and whether there was an estate plan in place, this process, known as “probate” in other states, can be relatively straightforward or extremely complicated.

The Importance Of Seeking Skilled Legal Help

The legal nuances of succession are intricate. It is for this reason the guidance of a skilled lawyer, like Carl, is essential to ensuring a smooth transition and effective administration of an estate.

Carl is board certified in estate administration and has more than four decades of experience helping clients through all stages of the succession process. Not many lawyers in Baton Rouge have similar credentials.

Carl works one-on-one with every client he represents. You can remain rest assured that he will be there during each stage to address all aspects of the estate administration process.

Understanding The Difference Between Testate And Intestate Successions

A succession can be either testate or intestate. What’s the difference?

  • testate succession occurs when a person has passed away with a valid will in place. Assuming no party attempts to contest the terms of a will, the assets of the estate will be distributed according to the wishes of the deceased.
  • An intestate succession occurs when a person passes away without a will. Louisiana law governs the heirs who are in line to receive the assets of the estate. These cases can be difficult, particularly when there are multiple heirs or when estranged family members suddenly become part of the picture.

Regardless of the circumstances, having Carl on your side can help make this process less burdensome and more efficient than attempting to navigate the succession process on your own.

Navigating Trust Administration

When estates involve a trust, you may be facing the added responsibility of administering that trust. Carl provides guidance for trustees on all aspects of that process. He can help you fulfill your legal obligations so you aren’t risking missteps that can lead to personal liability.

Addressing Tax Considerations

Both succession and trust administration involve addressing tax and accounting issues. Carl has a strong background in both of these areas. He holds a degree in accounting, advanced law degree in taxation and he’s also board certified in tax law.

Carl is well-positioned to help you navigate critical tax steps such as:

  • Conducting a thorough inventory of the estate
  • Obtaining accurate valuations when needed
  • Preparing regular accountings
  • Filing tax returns

Should any tax-related disputes or confusion arise, Carl can provide guidance and advocacy for you. He understands the nuances of estate tax law at the state and federal levels.

Contact A Reputable Attorney For Help With Your Loved One’s Succession Proceedings

Carl can help guide you through the process of succession or estate administration one step at a time, providing clarity and peace of mind. To schedule an initial consultation, call 225-230-9027 or fill out a quick online contact form.